Target Unique Audiences by ZIP Code

Applying Specific ZIP Codes to Craigslist Markets

Take your recruiting to the next level and allow for a broader reach to feature your listings. RocketPost’s specialized ZIP Code feature gives you the freedom to target your most relevant markets – and also makes way for the most qualified candidates to access your posts. 

Why We’re Pumped

We’re excited to help our users further optimize their searches using our customizable ZIP Code feature. While the default ZIP Code works well for some of our users, being able to adjust your listings to the radius you need enhances our users’ experience – making posting more efficient than ever before. You can save as many variations as needed to refine your reach.

How do I Apply a Specific ZIP Code? 

Applying a specific ZIP Code to your listings is simple and allows you to conveniently leverage your ad’s location on the map. Specific ZIP Codes can be applied within the ‘New Audience’ creation process. 

How to Guide: 

  • Click the ‘Audiences’ tab located in the header
  • Click ‘New Audience’
  • Create the name you’d like to use and choose your Craigslist category
  • Search for your market by name, or ZIP Code and radius  
  • By selecting each market, the default market box to the right becomes editable
    • NOTE: If you do not need to edit the ZIP Code no further action is needed, as the default ZIP will remain active.
  • Enter the specific ZIP Code you’d like to use
    • NOTE: The new ZIP Code will remain applied during the creation session unless you remove it, which will then revert it back to the default ZIP Code for that market. 
  • Click ‘Create Audience’ 

Please note that unique ZIP Codes can be applied to new audiences only. Existing audiences are unable to be adjusted outside of the set title. 

We’re excited to offer adjustable ZIP Codes to our users. It is the goal of RocketPost to provide outstanding software that makes your posting and recruiting needs successful and effortless. 

If you have any additional questions, the RocketPost Success Team is here to help!