Effectively Leverage Audience Targeting Technology

Every brand would love for its ads to reach as many users as possible, but factors like budgeting constraints don’t always make that realistic. Additionally, within almost every industry, there will be a high number of viewers to whom your brand’s product doesn’t apply. As a result, more eyeballs on your ads don’t always translate to more applicants. That’s where a defined audience targeting strategy can help improve your ROI. Successful audience targeting is about getting your ads in front of the right users, not just the most users. 

With an effective targeting strategy, you can leverage relevant messaging to reach a higher rate of consumers who’d be likely to purchase your products or services. If you’re positioning your ads toward a precisely defined audience, you’ll stretch your advertising dollars further, and better point your efforts toward those most likely to convert.

Want to get started, but don’t know how? Below, we’ve laid out five strategies to optimize your targeting strategy:

  1. Data Is Everything – While data management systems can help you learn more about your user base, they can be costly and difficult to comprehend. For up-and-coming brands or those working on a budget, leverage Google Analytics to gather insights on users, consumer behavior patterns, and track your ROI, sales activity, and overall performance regularly. If you have data, use it and expand on it. If you don’t, start collecting it! The more refined data you have, the better you’ll understand your target consumers and predict future behavior patterns.
  2. Track ASAP – Tracking ad performance is the only way to know if you’re successfully running your campaigns. But it can be tough, especially since many brands run multiple campaigns focused on different products, markets, and platforms. Luckily, RocketPost offers users a dashboard to review how each campaign, template and audience are performing in real-time.
  3. Remarket – Remarketing allows brands to reach those who’ve shown a past interest in their products, then re-engage with them to drive conversions and product awareness within a narrowed target audience. Depending on your job advertising platform of choice, you can leverage your website data to effectively build an audience to whom you can remarket your ads. With a remarketing campaign, you can precisely target users who’ve previously visited your brand’s website or app as they browse the web afterwards. 
  4. Emphasize Mobile – It’s no secret that consumer behavior is shifting more towards a mobile world. Create mobile-friendly landing pages, build your ads for both mobile and desktop, then leverage location-based messaging to reach users in your designated market(s). The RocketPost Success Team can help you create mobile friendly ads on Craigslist. Click here to schedule a meeting with the Success Team or send an email to success@rocketpost.io. 
  5. Always Be Optimizing – Technology is ever-evolving, and your audience targeting efforts should be, too. An ad that may perform well today can do a 180-degree turn in a heartbeat. While effective ads coupled with a precisely defined target audience are tried-and-true methods for success, they’re far less likely to stand the test of time unless they’re consistently refined. Tweak your top performers, revamp your underperformers, and continue updating and prioritizing your target audience, because believe it or not, that too will evolve over time. Remember, testing is a helpful part of your posts on RocketPost. Optimize for what’s working, test for what’s next, and change one thing at a time so you can truly define what works best for your company.