Emoji Functionality in RocketPost Ads

The ways businesses communicate to their audiences have evolved as social media has – and the recruiting world is no different. Following suit to help our users attract a broader array of candidates, RocketPost’s emoji feature will allow your listings to stand out in a highly competitive market. 

Emojis Add More Than You’d Think

RocketPost’s emoji integration lets users control their listings like never before. Tone is a part of online content that is often difficult to express, and can be interpreted in varying ways. Not only do emojis bring relevance to your listings, but they open the doors for our users to better convey any desired positive emotions to their audience. 

Do Emojis Actually Increase Engagement?

Like all important decisions, it is best to test listings with and without a variable to understand the impact it has on engagement. There are multiple variables that influence impressions and clicks, and emojis may become that for your company postings. 

When using emojis, we suggest applying them wherever necessary; consider using them to bring attention to important details, or use them in a way that expresses emotions in fewer characters. 

While their exact influence on job listing engagement has not been confirmed, it is unlikely emojis would hinder performance. In fact, Forbes published an article featuring Vik Verma, CEO of 8×8, who stated: 

“[Emojis] indicate tone that might otherwise be misconstrued, and can boost efficiency. They are a universal language regardless of your native speech. As we move into the future of work, we’ll continue to see communication channels evolve to incorporate tone, voice and personality in ways that are more aligned with real-life interactions.” 

As Verma points out, the closer we move toward the convergence of social media and real-life communication, the more important tone is becoming. While the tone of a job listing seems fairly cut and dried, the possibilities emojis may hold are important in attracting the clientele you want, and in allowing your company to stand out as a contemporary, forward-thinking industry leader. 

How Can I Use Emojis in RocketPost?

Follow our step-by-step guide for incorporating emojis into your listings using RocketPost, and browse through some FAQs, here.

For visual learners, here is a video showing how to add emojis within your New Posts. 


By following these steps, your listings should be emoji-ready! Unlock the potential to appeal to applicants who may have otherwise looked past your listing. Encourage prospects that may be in the midst of deciding between your listing, or that of your competitors. It may seem like a simple adjustment, but it can be a powerful one. 


Emojis: An Essential Tool for Informative Business Communication