Everything You Need to Know About Craigslist Posting Rules

Most Important Craigslist Posting Rules

Craigslist, like any job board, has certain rules on their platform to deliver the best content to their users. Some of these rules are obvious, while others are more obscure. We’ve gathered some of the most important posting rules on Craigslist. Read on to avoid breaking these common rules. 

Job Category 

Users are encouraged to pick one category that fits each job post the best. You are allowed to pick several categories, but it typically costs extra, as you are essentially creating a second ad. It can be advantageous to post in multiple related categories, especially if your job description fits into multiple categories. If you’re unsure which job category your post belongs in, we recommend testing several to maximize exposure. This may help you understand which job category works best for your type of roles. 


Craigslist has a very narrow definition of spamming. It is strictly regulated, and it can even get you banned from the site. On Craigslist, spamming is posting a job in the same area and job categories twice within 48 hours. If you want to repost your job within 48 hours, delete the first post before you post your job again.

Multi-Job Posts

Craigslist condones users posting one job per ad. Users are allowed to post singular job titles (e.g. “driver” not “drivers”). Posting multiple jobs in one post can also get users banned from the site. 

Cost of Posting 

The cost of ads on Craigslist varies widely between cities. Some cities cost as little as $10, while major cities may cost up to $75. As previously mentioned, jobs that are posted in multiple categories will be charged as separate ads. 

Other Types of Opportunities

Multi-level Marketing opportunities, or any similar business models, are not welcome on the site. According to Craigslist, they are not popular on the site.

Focus group opportunities, like surveys and research studies, are allowed on the site, and can be posted under the “et cetera” job category. 

Flagged Posts 

Sometimes posts are flagged by users, Craigslist staff, or the automatic moderators on the site. Because not every moderation system is perfect, sometimes, albeit very infrequently, compliant posts are flagged. If your post was flagged, be sure it agrees with Craigslist’s Terms of Use (ToU). You may repost flagged ads that adhere to the ToU with slightly altered wording. 

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