How to Make Your Content Stand Out on Craigslist

When posting on Craigslist, it’s not always easy to make your content stand out. In a sea of similar text-only posts, it can be quite a challenge to differentiate your jobs from others. Luckily, RocketPost offers the unique ability to leverage imagery to set your posts apart. Why are visuals so important? Read on to learn more about how this feature can take your ads to the next level.

  1. Across every social platform, ads containing imagery tend to have much higher engagement than text-only ads. In Buffer’s Social Media Report for 2019, it was reported that for marketers, images and videos are the most important types of content they produce.
  2. The ability to include custom visuals in your ads gives you an outlet to express your brand’s personality, and share your message in a more user-friendly way. I.e., if an applicant can quickly find an ‘apply now’ button and contact information instead of reading a text-heavy job description, they’re likely going to understand the role and how to apply faster.
  3. Users digest visuals much easier than text. Not only can users gather and process this visual information faster, they also interpret photos and process the content much more effectively.
  4. If possible, you can tell more of a story by including photos that reflect your team’s corporate values. Visuals of upbeat members of your staff, impressive facilities, or high-end equipment can all convey additional selling points more effectively than text.
  5. Visual content is much more memorable than copy-only ads. This will help users browsing multiple jobs at once more likely to remember your brand and your open positions.
  6. If you’re looking to show users what your brand is all about instead of simply telling them, a strong photo or gif can be much more powerful than being one of many jobs in similar categories.

There’s so many ways to up your ad game, utilizing creativity and imagery on a text-heavy platform like Craigslist can be a game-changer for your brand.

The capabilities that RocketPost offers users from a visual standpoint can really set your ads apart on both mobile and desktop. Design, edit, and save templates across a variety of ad campaigns to captivate your audience. Build custom visuals that go beyond traditional capabilities to optimize conversion rates.

To learn more about incorporating this feature into your ads, contact our RocketPost Success Team to get started!