RocketPost Update: Referral Program

3…2…1…Rewards with the Launch of the RocketPost Referral Program

To make it easier for you to recommend RocketPost to your colleagues and to show you how much we value your opinion, we’ve launched the RocketPost Referral Program. 

Referral program affiliates will receive a unique code to share with colleagues and anyone else who would benefit from using RocketPost. We’ll take it from there and send you up to $250 for every referral. 

  • When they complete our RocketPost Demo, you both get $25. 
  • When your referral joins RocketPost as a consistent user you get $75.
  • When your referral reaches three months as an active user, you get $150

Why a Rewards Program?

The RocketPost team spent 2019 and 2020 growing our success team and rolling out platform updates to make it more robust and in January of 2021 decided the time was right to expand RocketPost’s reach. 

RocketPost is a great product, but it’s not for everyone. A single person selling a bike for beer money doesn’t need the extensive tools for integrated job posting and automated scheduling that a company on the front lines of the recruiting battle needs. 

Instead of trying to reach out to everyone and tell them about RocketPost, we figured the people who use RocketPost would be the best people to know who else could benefit from it. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising because it builds a sense of community as well as building a base of potential users. Our users have already been doing this informally, and we felt the time was right to give back to them. 

Why RocketPost?

A referral program is only as good as the product behind it. RocketPost allows users to:

  • Improve Performance
    • Utilize data insights on markets and jobs to optimize your return.
  • Collaboration
    • Invite your team members to work together within our interface.
  • Save Time
    • Schedule posts for future dates or create recurring posts.
  • Automate Job Posts
    • Create your job template once, then easily circulate it throughout the best markets.
  • World-Class Customer Support
    • We’re always available to discuss anything and everything RocketPost.

Some of the newest features include: comprehensive scheduling, more invoicing options, conversion tracking upgrades, image/gif capability, and html capability.

What’s Next?
The company behind RocketPost, Career Now Brands, is a national market leader in improving the way companies attract potential candidates and students. To build and change the future of digital recruitment practices, our revolutionary products include WarehouseGig, CDL Job Now, and Career School Now. Word of mouth is an important part of building these brands as well, so look for similar referral programs in the future. To stay up to date on the latest from all of our vertical brands, follow us on Facebook or on LinkedIn.