RocketPost Update: New Payment Features

RocketPost’s new invoicing features allow account owners to add a variety of payment methods beyond a credit card, including ACH accounts, generating invoices and having an optional back-up payment method. 

Now that account owners will have the ability to add a diverse set of payment methods to their account at any given time, the flexibility to utilize those options are in the account owners hands. 

Below, we’ve provided a detailed breakdown of all new features: 

  • Purchase Credit: The current pay-as-you-go option remains available for everyone who still prefers this painless option as-is, but we’re now offering the option to purchase account credit in advance! As posts are scheduled, debits will be made to your credit balance. If the account runs out of credits to cover scheduled posts, then the posts will not process until credit is added to pay the remaining balance or you have a back up payment method (pay-as-you-go credit card) on file. 
  • Back-up Payment Method: A back-up payment method (credit card only) can be kept on file to be charged for the remaining balance on your account. This will ensure all planned posts go live without any worry! 
  • ACH Direct Payment: We’re also introducing ACH as a viable payment option. You can now link your bank account directly to your RocketPost account, which provides an alternative method of purchasing credits. A seamless online payment feature to keep you moving.
  • Invoicing: Invoices can be generated for a specific amount and sent to a recipient of your choice, regardless of whether this individual is listed on your RocketPost account. Upon paying the invoice, the amount paid will be added to your credit balance. The posts will then pull against the credit balance and the transaction history will appear on the RocketPost billing summary page. The invoicing method replaces the need for multiple daily charges with a one-time payment when purchasing credits.

These new and improved payment options will provide users with several different options for payment methods and offer maximum flexibility to make your posting process as easy as possible. Please refer to your Launch Manual or reach out to your RocketPost Success Team representative with any questions.