RocketPost Update: Scheduling Features

New Scheduling Features

The RocketPost team is excited to announce that we’ve taken our software to the next level. Our latest scheduling updates create a more comprehensive, user-friendly posting experience. These new and improved features will give you, the user, more control over your campaigns with intuitive navigation, comprehensive data, and in-depth scheduling features.

New Interface

We’ve introduced a brand new scheduling interface that provides a savvy overview of your content. Now more than ever, you’ll have the ability to view all of your job posts by day, week, or month to optimize your recruiting efforts.

This new layout will make it easier for RocketPost users to develop long-term strategies, build budgets, and coordinate multiple facets of their planning structure at any time. 

More Control

These enhanced scheduling features give you more control over when your posts go live. Moving forward, you’ll have the ability to holistically customize your unique posting schedule.

We’ve also given our users more control over creating and setting recurring post schedules. These enhancements allow users to start and stop posts on specific dates or after a certain number of occurrences.

Now, you can spend more time building your brand’s strategy and less time building job posts.