Why Efficiencies are the Key to Success in 2020

In the modern business landscape, companies are looking to do “better,” but without a defined plan in place, those well-meaning actions often result in mistakes and inferior production.  The reality is that most brands should focus on one set metric: efficiency. 

Establishing and implementing efficient processes into your company’s approach are the only way to maximize productivity, increase team output, and ultimately grow revenue. 

Five Useful Actions

Now you’re probably wondering, ‘how do I make that happen?’ Below, we’ve laid out five key ways to make your company more efficient.

  • Leverage Automation – For companies big or small, quality automation platforms could be the single best investment. The right automation platform doesn’t just save time, it can reduce labor costs, better target your consumers, and greatly increase overall ROI. With a platform like RocketPost, you’ll have access to all of these benefits and more. And don’t forget, with our unrivaled Success Team, we’ll develop a tailor-made strategy that best accommodates your needs to optimize your budget.
  • Establish Processes – A lack of established internal processes creates inconsistencies, confusion, and wasted resources. Developing clear-cut internal processes often means short-term pain for long-term gain. They may initially be time-consuming, but if built correctly, establishing processes can streamline workflow, improve productivity, and ultimately allow your team to integrate new technological opportunities with ease.
  • Outsource Data Collection – Gathering detailed information is essential to any company’s strategy, but it can be a costly, time-consuming process if done internally. Tools like RocketPost have the unique capabilities to assemble and organize key data. With easily comprehensible analytics already at your disposal, you can save time, manpower, and eliminate user error. The end result? You’ll now have essential information to shape your strategic direction.
  • Open Communication – Sending a “quick” email seems much more efficient than a call or a meeting, but that’s not always the case. A lot can get misinterpreted or get lost in the shuffle through an email chain, which often results in mistakes. Encouraging open conversations, phone calls, and meetings have proven a more productive method of communication. It’s also important to encourage your team to share honest feedback with leadership, as a team of “yes men/women” usually doesn’t equate to thought challenging. Genuine, honest feedback is a good way for employees to feel comfortable sharing honest ideas, which will benefit the team and improve departmental culture. 
  • ABT, Always Be Testing – Your team’s advertising strategy shouldn’t be built once then set in stone for extended periods of time. A great strategy is constantly evolving based on using the data at hand. By consistently testing results of multiple advertising methods against each other, then leveraging the resulting data, you can optimize your future direction. RocketPost provides direct data on every post, allowing users to test everything from ad titles, posting days/times, all across various markets to review and improve your brand’s performance.