How can RocketPost Help with Trucking Recruitment?

At RocketPost, we’re proud to serve companies across many different industries. Our partners range from salons, legal transcription services, general contractors, and trucking, to name a few.

Trucking is one of the largest industries we work with. So, why have carriers seen so much success using RocketPost? And how do we deliver such impressive results across the board while still servicing each carrier based on their individual needs?

Read on to learn about how RocketPost’s advanced user features work to promote easy online truck driver recruitment.

Pre-Scheduling Features

We have both industry experts and data on our side. Our reporting features have shown that drivers are most actively looking for new driving jobs on weekends. Targeting your campaigns to these drivers in real-time can make the difference between candidates responding to your listing over a competitor’s.

While carriers certainly could take the time to manually launch their Craigslist campaigns on weekends, RocketPost provides a much more efficient solution. RocketPost’s advanced pre-scheduling features allow users to build their Craigslist campaigns and set a posting schedule ahead of time.

You can schedule your listing for a specific day/time, or even set a recurring posting schedule to refresh your content as needed. Targeting your candidates when they are most active online is one of the simple, but most effective perks that RocketPost offers. And just one of the many features that make the RocketPost difference.


Have you ever wondered how one of your hiring markets compares against the other? RocketPost reporting features make these analytics easy to access and replicate for future campaigns.

RocketPost users receive performance analytics for individual posts. Recruiters can observe how many clicks their posts get in different cities: such as the amount of clicks an ad in Toledo gets compared to Indianapolis. RocketPost metrics utilize these data insights to optimize your campaign’s ROI.

Plus, your RocketPost Success team is always here to help you. Whether it’s to better understand your performance, or to brainstorm different ways to strategize. We’ve got your back!

In-App Editor

You don’t need to be a top-tier graphic designer or webmaster to get the most out of your RocketPost experience. Our easy platform editor was designed with Craigslist in mind – allowing you to stylize your text, hyperlink elements, and insert images and gifs into your ad. You can even add emojis! Check out our emoji tutorial here.

We all know that engagement begins with catching someone’s eye. And as gifs, emojis, and graphics continue to shape the future of online job searches, your company is sure to stand out as a contemporary and forward-thinking one. No matter how much (or how little) creative direction you wish to put into your ad.

Automate, Edit, Collaborate, and More!

Not only can you observe your metrics, pre-schedule content, and create eye-catching templates, but we allow you to collaborate with your colleagues to make the most out of everyone’s RocketPost experience.

It’s our goal to give our partners the most – and we’re so happy to have played even a small part in our partners’ industry success. We’re excited to continue to serve the trucking industry – and beyond! Where can we take your carrier?

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