What Do My Craigslist Insights Mean?

How to find Craigslist post performance metrics?

If you’ve been using Craigslist without RocketPost, you’ve probably wished that you could access data that helps you understand how your posts are actually performing. While this is currently impossible in Craigslist itself, RocketPost is able to give you insights about your Craigslist posts that you can’t find anywhere else. 

This data can help you catch mistakes, test theories (see our A/B Testing Article!), and make more informed decisions to improve your job posts. Overall, with these insights, you could see Craigslist’s sourcing channel efficiency rise dramatically.

What metrics does RocketPost capture?


Impressions are the number of times your post has been viewed. Keep in mind, impressions differ from clicks and actual interactions with your post. 


Clicks are the number of times people have interacted with your post (clicked on a hyperlink in your post). If you’re trying to better understand your audience’s interaction with a post, clicks are the more helpful metric to view.


Conversions are the number of people who reach the page with the conversion pixel* on it. 

*Note: In order to capture Conversions, you must place the conversion pixel somewhere in your application. For more information, click here

What can these metrics help us learn?

These can help us answer the following questions, and so many more:

  • Which Craigslist markets work best for us?
  • Do applicants prefer X or Y in our job post?
  • Does adding the compensation range to the title improve application rates?
  • Does adding images really help us stand out?
  • Is it better to represent compensation annually or weekly?

How can RocketPost improve my Craigslist performance?

The metrics and questions above allow you to experiment when posting to measure your listing’s success. There are other key ways to improve your performance using RocketPost. Keywords, company imagery, and RocketPost’s unique scheduling features are just some of the many components that can be used to test your metrics and positively impact your reach. 


Adding keywords to your listing is made easy with RocketPost’s HTML editor. By selecting related keywords, your ad will be featured in more relevant searches, broadening your reach to qualified candidates. 

Company Imagery

Let your listing stand out. Ads with images tend to receive higher engagement on Craigslist than those without. If you have photos at your disposal, inserting them with your listing can help distinguish your ad with identifiable company imagery. Not only are photos themselves eye-catching, but they also give prospective applicants a stronger sense of company culture. 

Scheduling Features

The timing of your ads matter. You want to be sure that listings go live at a time when your ideal candidates are active online. RocketPost’s scheduling features allow you to control when your posts are published through a customized posting schedule. You can also set recurring posting schedules as needed so your content refreshes at the most optimal time to target your audience. 

Posting performance you can count on!

RocketPost’s unique features allow you to not only view your performance metrics, but help you understand their meaning to improve the efficiency of your ads. Aspects like keywords, company imagery, and our scheduling features can be used to test your metrics as well. 

It is the goal of RocketPost to help our users achieve optimal, unmatched results with user-friendly software. If you would like further information about interpreting your Craigslist insights, contact your RocketPost success team! We’re always eager to help. 

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