Explore the New RocketPost YouTube Channel

In case you haven’t heard the news, RocketPost has launched our own YouTube channel this past September! Our channel was rolled out as an initiative to connect our users with helpful information and keep them up to date on any of the latest posting updates. We are so excited for this opportunity to reach you on a different platform and share all that RocketPost has to offer. 

RocketPost on YouTube: How Can We Help?

Our YouTube channel was created to connect with users, offer helpful visual tutorials, and to notify users of the latest and greatest updates as RocketPost rolls them out. The first month’s videos we created were visual tutorials answering common user questions. These include but are not limited to:

Adding Emojis to Your Craigslist Ads

Exporting Your Billing Summary

Changing Your Posting Schedule

We even provide users with more in-depth information about submitting a request to the RocketPost team to delete any unneeded assets. Or, if you’re new to the world of Craigslist recruiting, we provide a video on finding the right cadence for your ads.

Our goal is to create content that is helpful – both to the user who is already familiar with Craigslist recruiting, and the user who is just starting out. 

What’s to Come?

Dedicated to your success, RocketPost always strives to provide users with the best resources possible for a user-friendly experience and optimal posting performance. Our YouTube channel is just another way for us to reach our valued users and answer any questions you may have.

We invite conversation! If you have any questions or have a tutorial you would like to see that we have not covered yet, we encourage you to either leave us a comment on any of our videos, or reach out to The RocketPost Success Team! We look forward to further equipping you with more tutorials and video updates.

New to RocketPost? Did you find us on YouTube? If you would like to see what makes us an industry leader in Craigslist recruitment, request a free demo today! We are excited to share the power of automated posting with you and help you reach and exceed your digital marketing goals