How Can RocketPost Help My Craigslist Ad?

If you’re new here, welcome! RocketPost is an integrated automation platform that works with Craigslist – allowing brands to mass post job listings, target specific audiences, and customize posting schedules to optimize ad reach and performance.

But how exactly does RocketPost deliver these high-performing results? Let’s take a look!

RocketPost Works with Craigslist

RocketPost delivers leading results by working hand-in-hand with Craigslist. Our advanced user platform was designed to create templates that are not only user-friendly, but Craigslist-friendly as well.

While we work with many industries, RocketPost specializes in trucking recruitment on Craigslist. Our templates are easy, eye-catching, and work in tandem with Craigslist to target the best applicants.

Other industries RocketPost works with include general contractors, non-profit organizations, salons, and even legal transcription services. RocketPost is here to serve trucking, these industries, and beyond. You can request a free demo today to get started!

RocketPost Delivers Data-Driven Solutions

A part of being both successful and user-friendly is making your data easy to access and understand. RocketPost does just that.

Your performance insights can be used to assess your audience’s response to your ads. RocketPost measures impressions, clicks, and conversions. By leveraging your data, you can not only examine your insights, but better understand your market and an ad’s performance.

Our metrics also measure:

  • The best time to post your ad
  • Who was the most receptive to your ads and whether you are reaching your demographic
  • How far your reach is
  • How many impressions were made
  • How many conversions you had

Easy, accessible, data is just one part of the RocketPost advantage. We pride our backend team, who does the heavy lifting for our users, so you can get the most out of your experience. Our user-friendly space makes it easy for our users to understand their insights and metrics, and how the data may be used to create better practices.

RocketPost Provides Eye-Catching Templates

Let your ad stand out with RocketPost. Our templates are easy to create and designed with Craigslist’s ToU and algorithm in mind. You decide your approach.

Use company imagery to appeal to applicants who value gaining a strong sense of company culture. Or, take advantage of our HTML editor to add keywords to your listing to broaden your reach.

RocketPost can Pre-Schedule Your Content

Using RocketPost’s advanced scheduling features, you can control the timing of your posts, and even set up a recurring posting schedule. Our automated posting features allow you to pre-schedule your content, so your ads go live when your audience is most active online.

It is important to remember that Craigslist has a narrow definition of spamming; posting the same ad within 48 hours of its original post will almost always get flagged for removal. With RocketPost, you no longer need to worry about unintentionally doing so. Your ads are sure to reach your target, without inadvertently violating terms of use.

Upward and Onward

If you are ready to take your recruitment efforts to the next level, RocketPost has everything you need.

From user-friendly metrics, to striking graphics and templates, and different scheduling features, RocketPost simplifies the process of expanding your reach – so you can focus on what matters most, driving your company forward by attracting the most qualified candidates.

Contact us today to schedule your free demo, and unlock the power of automated posting!