What Craigslist Area am I In?

When doing any kind of posting on Craigslist – with RocketPost or not – it is important to understand which market you are posting in. So, what Craigslist area are you in? Let’s take a look at posting markets, along with some helpful tips that will enhance your posting process!

The area you are posting in is called your market. You may also hear your market being referred to as your area, metro, or even ZIP and/or city. Whatever you choose to call your closest Craigslist location, we’ve got you covered!

Your Market: Why it Matters

It’s important to be aware of what Craigslist area you’re in, so you can ensure you’re reaching the right audience. You also want to know your market so you don’t accidentally post an ad outside of it, which would violate Craigslist Terms of Use.

You can either use your ZIP Code or city name to set your market with RocketPost’s user-friendly software. Some can overlap – so when choosing your market, it is advised that you use the ZIP Code/city that reaches each market you want to target.

Already know your market and ready to start posting? Learn about Craigslist best practices here!

Setting Your Market with RocketPost

Let’s take a look at how RocketPost makes setting your market a breeze. Follow our simple Youtube tutorial to learn how in under 3 minutes. This step-by-step guided tutorial walks you through the process with helpful video instructions.

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Or, if you’d rather follow along with our blog entry, simply read on!

To select your market using RocketPost:

  • To start, determine the market you’d like to target
  • Go to your Audiences tab
  • Click ‘New Audience’
  • Navigate to ‘Select Your Markets’ you can add either your ZIP Code or type in your city name
    • You will see your available markets to select
      • These are sorted based on their proximity to you
      • You can select a range between 5 and 100 miles
  • Select the market you’d like
  • Your Market is now applied

Markets are an important part of your Craigslist ad. Again, you want to ensure that you’re reaching the correct audience, and that you’re not posting outside of the appropriate location settings.

RocketPost software operates within Craigslist Terms of Use to ensure that your listings are compliant. We take the guesswork out of your posting experience, so you can focus on what matters most – maximizing your reach to the most qualified audience.

Selecting a Market Without RocketPost

If you are a Craigslist user without a RocketPost account, we are still here to help you! Selecting your market on Craigslist is fairly simple, and Craigslist has a helpful list with regions across the globe here.

To explore the listings in markets near you, navigate through the above link and select the city/area most applicable to you. From there, it will take you to a list of different classifications for your ad, such as “community”, “for sale”, or “jobs”.

If you are already familiar with Craigslist ads, and simply want to post your ad with the correct market:

  • Check to ensure the location selected at the top is where you would like to post
    • If the location is incorrect, you can select the most relevant one from the above list
  • Click “post to classifieds” in the top left corner
  • Select a category for your post (for RocketPost users, the category is typically “jobs”)
  • Continue your post creation as usual

Double check to ensure the city you have selected is, in fact, set as a Craigslist location. Some users can encounter a separate issue where the algorithm interprets the city name as a keyword instead of a set location. For this reason, using a ZIP Code can be easier when selecting a Craigslist market.

If you’re not a RocketPost user, but are interested in optimizing your Craigslist experience, you can receive a free RocketPost demo. Begin your journey and unlock the power and convenience of automated posting!

Here to Help: Markets and Beyond

By allowing you to mass post job listings, target specific audiences, and customize your posting schedule, RocketPost is the most convenient software solution for all of your recruiting needs across Craigslist.

Our integrated automation platform works hand-in-hand with Criagslist to expand your reach. If you are ever in need of questions answered or more support, your RocketPost Success Team is eager to help you!

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