What Truckers are Looking for in a Job Listing

Out of the many industries we serve here at RocketPost, trucking is one of the largest. Since there are many different trucking jobs advertised on Craigslist, we want yours to stand out. Of course, this can be done with RocketPost’s eye-catching templates, but knowing your market and being able to engage them is just as important.

So, what are truck drivers looking for in job listings? How can your company stand out among the rest? Let’s take a look.


It can be said that transparency is one of the most important factors in any job listing – trucking is no different. In fact, since trucking is such a specific industry with varying pay, transparency and clarity in a carrier’s ad can go a long way.

Make the job description and any requirements apparent from the beginning. Avoid any ambiguous or misleading phrases. Transparency when discussing pay is another highly important factor. Be sure to clearly define your company’s payout structure. If the position offers any sign-on bonuses, specify how these bonuses are paid out too.

The more specific you are up front, the more interested your prospective candidates will be. And the more likely you are to find the right driver for that exact job.

Realistic Pay and Hiring Bonuses

Going hand-in-hand with transparency, having pay and sign-on bonuses that are realistic and specific in nature is important to truck drivers.

In a world where recruitment is almost entirely virtual, many drivers approach the job search with a degree of skepticism. Some have had a bad experience with listings that claimed drivers could make “up to $150K annually”, only to find out the company deems their exact experience to be worth $90K.

It’s better to be up front with the pay drivers can expect – even if you do need to provide a range instead of a specific dollar amount.


While truck driving tends to be a “lifestyle”, employers need to understand that it is not the only part of a driver’s life. Be clear about the benefits that your company offers and include them in your post.

Benefits such as retirement savings plans, health/vision and dental insurance, vacation days, holidays, and PTO are important. Another factor you may want to include is the type of home time the specific driving position receives.

If you have detention/layover paid, or dedicated dispatch, you may want to mention it. What about dedicated customer freight? If you do have it, make it clear in your listing. We also encourage you to provide some examples of the lanes that are available in your ad, so candidates can get a better understanding of how your company operates.

What Else Makes YOU Stand Out?

As one of our partners, we know you’re pretty great. But what about potential new hires? It never hurts to add a little bit of personality into your Craigslist post. Your candidate is trying to get to know you just as much as you’re trying to know them.

Since every carrier is different in what they offer, be sure to highlight any other benefits and special perks that others might not have. Does your carrier have any pet policies? Any paid holidays? Referral bonuses?

Just a little bit of extra information about the benefits of working for you may be all your potential candidate needs when deciding to respond to your ad over another.


Truck drivers appreciate great equipment. So, if your company does have later models with more modern equipment and upgrades, be sure to mention it.

Include real photos of your fleet. You may even want to include snapshots inside the cabin. Does your truck have an inverter? Top-of-the-line HVAC systems? Heated seats? Mention and feature what you can. Drivers will value a company that also values their equipment.

Keep it Simple and Authentic

Although we’ve listed a lot, it’s not to say that job listings demand a lot. Just don’t be afraid to showcase what you do offer. Do your best with what your company has. Drivers are mainly looking for what we all hope for in jobs – great pay, reliable benefits, and opportunities for bonuses.

Explore our other blog posts for some additional information on Craigslist best practices! Not yet a RocketPost partner? We’d love to give you a free demo to better show you how we can help you! And as always, never hesitate to reach out to the RocketPost Success Team with other questions!

Happy posting, and best of luck in your trucking recruitment!