Using Graphics with RocketPost

Capturing the attention of your intended audience – and doing so quickly – is important in today’s world of digital recruitment. Our goal here at RocketPost is not only to help you reach and exceed your expectations, but to make the process easy, user-friendly, and fun.

Using graphics in your Craigslist ad is an excellent way to increase your engagement. Plus, RocketPost’s intuitive templates make it easy to insert eye-catching graphics and create ads that stand out from the rest.

The Craigslist Image Gallery vs. RocketPost Templates

RocketPost users have a couple of options when it comes to creating ads with images.

You can use the Craigslist image gallery when creating your ad. This will only allow images to appear at the top of your listing.

Or, using RocketPost templates, you can insert them directly into your listing. Our templates lend our users more creative direction; you can include information about the job listing and insert your images where you wish.

Some of our users even choose to create their own flyer as job listings, and post them to Craigslist – we’ll touch on doing so in a bit! You can do it all with RocketPost, and whichever direction you wish to take with your images, we pride ourselves in making the process easy and fun.

Using the Craigslist Image Gallery to Add Your Images

To add graphics using the Craigslist gallery alone, you will simply create your Craigslist ad as usual by including your intended information and selecting a radius.

Next, you will be given the option to add your images. Select the images you would like to include in the order you’d like them viewed, then click “done with images”. You will be able to preview your listing, and if everything looks great to you, you will then hit “Publish”. Your Craigslist ad will now be live!

You will notice that your images will only be viewable at the top of your listing. This can be a good enough way to present your company and its culture to potential employees. However, using RocketPost templates gives you a little more creative freedom. Let’s take a look!

Using RocketPost Templates to Add Your Images

RocketPost templates let your listings stand out from average Craigslist posts by inserting graphics throughout your ad – not just at the top of it.

Yes, it’s our goal to allow you to exercise your creative freedom in any way you’d like. But also, our templates are designed with Craigslist in mind to increase your traffic and engagement. Up your recruitment game by inserting images in our templates using the image editing feature.

How to add images in your RocketPost template

  1. In your RocketPost template, create the job listing as you see fit. Include any information you’d like, such as your company name, the job description, any requirements, etc.
  2. Wherever you’d to insert an image, you can do so using your template toolbar in the upper right-hand corner as shown below. NOTE: For your image to be Craigslist compatible, we recommend 650 pixels.
  3. Once your images have been uploaded and the rest of your ad has been written, click ‘continue’.
  4. Complete any remaining steps and review your ad in the summary box.
  5. Click ‘Create Template’.
    Insert image icon in upper right corner

    Hyperlinked Images on Craigslist Using RocketPost

    Not only can an interesting graphic stop a scroll, but you can also use that graphic to redirect your audience. Maybe you’d like a user to have the option to check out your company’s “About” section. Is there a separate form they need to fill out to complete an application? No matter the need you have, RocketPost templates can help you direct your audience where you’d like.

    To do so, select the image you would like to make clickable by inserting it the same way you would using the image editing feature.

    Once your image is uploaded in your RocketPost template, select it. Then, to the left of the image editor in the toolbar, you’ll find a linking feature. If you hover your mouse over it, it should say “Insert Link”. Click it to insert the hyperlink of your choosing, and your image will then be clickable!

    Uploading Flyers and Using Keywords

    As we said earlier, some of our users choose to get really creative and craft their own flyers and upload them to Craigslist as a job listing.

    We pride our RocketPost templates on helping our users do so. We encourage these users to include keywords at the bottom of your uploaded flyer image. Doing so will increase your ad’s searchability and help you reach your intended audience.

    Keywords could include synonyms of a job title, or related industry terms relevant to your job listing. For example, you could tag ‘Barber’ or ‘Hair Stylist’, and/or ‘Barber Shop’. You may also like to tag surrounding cities. For instance, if your business is located in Detroit, you could tag areas near it such as: ‘Metro Detroit’, ‘Ann Arbor’, ‘Royal Oak’, etc. The more keywords used, the more likely it is for you to reach your demographic.

    Understanding the Importance of Graphics in Your Craigslist Post

    Over the past decade, graphics in all forms of media have increased not only in popularity, but in importance. Images can create a Craigslist ad that stands out from the rest; impacting your engagement, and in turn, your SEO results.

    Graphics can also be an important part of Craigslist best practices. With our imaging editor integrated in RocketPost templates, we make it easy for you to create your ads your way. Not yet a RocketPost user? Give us a try and see for yourself what the RocketPost difference can do for your brand – in imagery and beyond. Request a free RocketPost demo today!

    Are you in need of assistance? Reach out to our RocketPost Success Team! We’d love to help you out for guidance with graphics, or anything else you may need.